Vice Governor He Lianghui attended the on-site promotion meeting of high-quality water conservancy development in Yunnan Province, and Chairman Wang Haoyu reported on Dayu’s “Yuanmou Model”

On March 3, 2022, the Yunnan Provincial Water Conservancy High-quality Development On-site Promotion Meeting was successfully held in Yuanmou County, Chuxiong Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The meeting conveyed and learned the instructions of the main leaders of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government on the high-quality development of water conservancy, and summarized and communicated. The experience and practices obtained in the high-quality development of water conservancy in the province have deployed the next step of high-quality development of water conservancy in Yunnan Province, and inspected Dayu Water Saving Yuanmou Company on site.
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He Lianghui, Deputy Governor of the Yunnan Provincial Government, Luo Zhaobin, Deputy Secretary-General, Hu Chaobi, Director of the Provincial Department of Water Resources, and the relevant responsible comrades from the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Department of Finance, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection, and the Provincial Forestry and Grass Bureau and all parts of Yunnan Province The comrades in charge of the state, the comrades in charge of the water conservancy departments of various prefectures and the comrades in charge of the departments of finance, development and reform, agriculture and rural areas, and natural resources attended the meeting and conducted on-site investigations in batches on the Yuanmou 114,000-mu high-efficiency water-saving irrigation project invested and constructed by Dayu Water-saving Group . Dayu Water Saving Group Chairman Wang Haoyu, President Xie Yongsheng, Vice President and Chairman of Southwest Headquarters Xu Xibin attended the meeting and reported on the company and Yuanmou projects on the spot. Dayu Water Saving Group Southwest Headquarters Yunnan Company, Operation and Maintenance Division, Agricultural Technology Company , Huitu Group and other business sectors, the main persons in charge attended the on-site meeting.
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During the meeting, all the participants conducted on-the-spot investigations in batches on the 114,000-mu high-efficiency water-saving irrigation project (Heyang area) invested and constructed by Dayu Water-Saving Group. Yuanmou Company of Water Saving Group to understand the operation of the project.

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In the multi-functional exhibition hall of Dayu Water Saving Yuanmou Company, Wang Haoyu introduced the development history, corporate culture, party building work, business operation and prospect planning of Dayu Water Saving through exhibition boards. With the theme of "Good Field", combined with the Yuanmou project PPT, publicity video, sand table demonstration, monitoring system, operation management system and water fee recharge payment system, the construction background, equity structure, construction and operation mode, Return mechanism, promotion and replication value, etc.
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Wang Haoyu said that Dayu Water Saving started from the drought and water shortage Jiuquan, and went all the way from the northwest to the southwest. It has completed the layout of five regional headquarters in the country, and has the whole industry chain system and integrated solution capabilities. Dayu Water Saving has always adhered to scientific and technological innovation and model innovation in the development process, and has formed a scientific and technological innovation development model of "Dayu Irrigation Brain" from precision control products to digital integration. Farmland construction, rural drinking water projects, rural sewage treatment, flood control and drought relief disaster prevention and other business fields have been continuously applied in practice. At the same time of scientific and technological innovation and development, Dayu Water Saving focuses on "three rural areas and three water" as its main business, and actively promotes "visible water network", "invisible information network" and "visible and invisible service network" "Three-network integration development model," Yunnan Luliang "introduced social capital model", Gansu Jiuquan "high-standard farmland construction, management and service integration model", Xinjiang Shaya "irrigation trusteeship service model" and Hebei Yongdinghe "Agricultural Contract Festival" Typical projects of model innovation represented by "Water Model". The implementation of "strengthening with both hands" is the focus of implementing the General Secretary's 16-character water control policy. The promotion of rural revitalization and development cannot rely solely on financial investment, nor can it rely solely on enterprises. Resources, capital, technology, and capabilities, while effectively connecting multiple subjects such as the government, the market, and farmers, and effectively distributing the risks, benefits, and rights and responsibilities of all parties.

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Wang Haoyu also said that the Yuanmou project completed the first case of social capital investing in farmland water conservancy construction Luliang project "bonsai" to "landscape" transformation, which is a typical project of Dayu Water Saving Group's technological innovation and model innovation and development, and is a conscientious implementation of "" Use both hands", the successful practice of "requesting capital from the market, technology from the market, and efficiency from the market". He pointed out that Yuanmou and even the entire Yunnan region is not only short of water for engineering purposes, but also lacks "water in the market". As long as the model and mechanism can be opened up and replicated and promoted in an all-round way, Yunnan is full of vitality. The Yuanmou model proves that by building a "water network + information network + service network" just like building a "power grid", farmers' water use is truly guaranteed, and farmers have both water demand and ability to pay. A brand new road.

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At the inspection site, Vice Governor of Yunnan Province and Lianghui had a cordial exchange with the farmers who recharged and paid water fees on site, and asked about water price reform, water fee collection, card-swiping water consumption, and increasing income and production. He Lianghui highly praised Dayu Water-Saving Group's model innovation achievements in the pilot projects of Luliang and Yuanmou in Yunnan Province, and fully affirmed the demonstration role of the Yuanmou project and the successful experience that can be replicated. He Lianghui emphasized at the meeting that it is necessary to overcome difficulties and deepen reforms in key areas. He pointed out that the development of Yunnan's water conservancy industry has become unsustainable by the previous construction method dominated by government investment. It must be driven by reform, develop from reform, and earn income through reform. Yunnan's water network must be built in the same model as the power grid to achieve marketization and legalization; it is necessary to allow water prices to cover its costs, so that enterprises have certain benefits and achieve sustainable development. It is necessary to make overall plans and speed up the preliminary work of key projects; to take multiple measures to strengthen the capital guarantee for the construction of water conservancy projects, actively seek the support of central funds, and fully apply for special government bonds; to further promote the reform of water conservancy investment and financing, innovate investment and financing models, and innovate financial The way of investment, implement the water price standard and charging system, and establish a reasonable return mechanism; we must increase the intensity of introducing social capital, innovate ways to increase the intensity of water conservancy financing, and increase the intensity of water fee collection; we must give priority to protection and build strong rivers and lakes. Responsibility for protection; we must work together, perform our duties and develop with due diligence, adhere to both project construction and mechanism construction and management, prevent and resolve various risks, keep the bottom line of safe production, and strive to promote the high-quality development of Yunnan Water Resources in the new development stage.

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During the meeting, relevant persons in charge of the governments of Qujing City, Chuxiong Prefecture and Lincang City of Yunnan Province also made speeches on the high-quality development of water conservancy; The construction and management of the water diversion project in central Yunnan; the relevant persons in charge of the Yunnan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Department of Finance, the Department of Natural Resources, and the Construction Investment Group Company respectively introduced the progress of promoting the high-quality development of water conservancy.

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