“Smart” operation helps the operation and maintenance of rural domestic sewage treatment in Jinghai District, Tianjin

Recently, an epidemic has occurred in some areas of Tianjin. All villages and towns in Jinghai District have strengthened epidemic prevention work and strictly prohibited the movement of people, which has greatly affected the daily operation and maintenance of rural sewage treatment stations. In order to ensure the stable operation of the project’s sewage pipeline network and sewage treatment facilities and the compliance of effluent water quality, the operation and maintenance service department of the Agricultural Environmental Investment Group strictly implements the epidemic prevention policy, and uses the online information-based agricultural sewage operation and maintenance platform to take all measures. The online inspection method ensures that the site facilities in the jurisdiction have zero failures, and the water quality of the effluent is stable and meets the operation and maintenance requirements.

Intelligent operation and maintenance is an important part of the construction of digital villages. As early as the construction of the first phase of Wuqing’s project, the Agricultural Investment Group started to carry out the layout of intelligent operation and maintenance to improve the ability of rural sewage operation and maintenance. During the special period of the epidemic, wisdom The enabling effect of chemical operation and maintenance on rural environmental governance is more prominent.
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The information operation and maintenance platform for rural domestic sewage treatment in Jinghai District, Tianjin, using the Internet of Things, big data and visual display technology, can effectively improve the level of agricultural sewage operation and maintenance services. Through the combination of PC terminal and mobile APP, the operation and maintenance team of Nonghuan Investment has conducted online inspections of all sites more than 10 times a day, monitored the operating status parameters of each site, and analyzed and judged the operation of the site. On the premise of ensuring effective protection, Strengthen the monitoring of effluent water quality of sewage treatment stations, use the platform’s “operation and maintenance management function” for remote dispatch and command, and adjust process parameters in a timely manner according to changes in water quality and water volume; at the same time, with the help of the platform’s “one map module”, operation and maintenance personnel can view the whole area in real time. Sewage treatment sites and pipeline lifting wells, simultaneously obtain relevant information of sewage treatment facilities, realize liquid level analysis of upstream and downstream inspection wells, equipment operation status monitoring, video monitoring, and water volume analysis, timely predict and discover operation problems, and avoid pipeline network running. The occurrence of dripping and leakage ensures the normal operation of sewage treatment facilities.

Up to now, the basic information of 40 small rural sewage treatment stations, 169,600 meters of sewage pipelines, 24 sewage lifting wells and 6,053 septic tanks in the Jinghai project has been incorporated into the platform database, realizing the project’s sewage pipeline network and sewage treatment facilities. 100% access platform monitoring.
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The rural sewage treatment informatization platform monitors the main links of sewage treatment stations such as inflow, production, and discharge, and collects and integrates information such as water volume, water level, water quality and equipment status of the treatment station through the Internet of Things to realize the analysis of production data. , treatment, improve the real-time monitoring and refined management level of rural sewage treatment production process, reduce the frequency of offline inspections, improve work efficiency, and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Through the application of the information-based operation and maintenance platform tools, the overall operation and maintenance of the Jinghai project was carried out in a healthy, orderly and efficient manner during the epidemic and holiday periods, achieving zero outages, zero complaints and zero accidents, ensuring the sewage treatment facilities and pipeline network. The normal operation has been well received by the local government and the public.

Post time: Feb-16-2022

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