Indonesia Distributor’s modern farm ushers in a pleasant harvest season

In Sep?2020, DAYU?company established a cooperative relationship with? indonesian?friends. which is one of the largest agricultural product planting companies in Indonesia.?The company’s mission?is to provide high-quality agricultural products, including fruits and vegetables, to?Indonesia and surrounding countries by adopting modern methods and advanced Internet management concepts.

The customer's new project base covers an area of about 1500 hectares, and the implementation of phase I is about 36 hectares. The key to planting is irrigation and fertilization. After comparison with world-famous brands, the customer finally chose DAYU?brand with the best design scheme and the highest cost performance. Since the?cooperation with customers, DAYU?company has continued to provide customers with the best service and agronomic guidance. With the continuous efforts of the customers, the operation of their farm planting projects have?been constantly improved?and achieved great success,?and now it can achieve the output of 20-30?t fresh eggplant per week. The customers' products include cauliflower, papaya, cantaloupe, cucumber, watermelon and other high-quality vegetables and fruits, providing high-end agricultural products with good taste and low price for Indonesian people continuously.

Photo 1: Design Proposal

Design Proposal

Photo 2: Project construction site

Design Proposal2
Design Proposal3
Design Proposal4
Design Proposal5
Design Proposal7

Photo 3: Planting

Design Proposal8
Design Proposal10
Design Proposal9

Photo 4: The joy of harvest

Design Proposal11
Design Proposal12
Design Proposal12
Design Proposal14
Design Proposal15
Design Proposal16
Design Proposal19
Design Proposal17
Design Proposal20
Design Proposal18

Post time: Sep-15-2021

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