Dayu Irrigation Group’s 2021 year-end work summary and 2022 plan signing meeting was successfully held


On the morning of January 12, Dayu Irrigation?Group Co., Ltd. held the 2021 year-end work summary and commendation meeting and the 2022 plan signing conference. The theme of this annual meeting is "to build the best system, the strongest model, the best team, and resolutely complete the annual profit target". The meeting commended a total of 140 annual advanced collectives, advanced individuals and some outstanding employee representatives, and awarded outstanding employees. 30 honorary projects. The company actively responded to the national epidemic prevention policy. At this conference, all sectors and business units of the group participated in the conference through live broadcast.

Conference content

National Anthem Ceremony


The conference started slowly with the solemn national anthem, and the meeting was chaired by Yan Liqun, executive vice president of the group. At the meeting, Wang Chong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Dayu Water?Irrigation?Group, read out the "Decision on the Cashing of Year-end Profit Rewards for the Group's Centers/Departments and Companies in 2021", Wang Haoyu, Chairman of the Group, read out the "Personnel Appointment Decision", and Group President Xie Yongsheng read out "Decision on Recognizing and Rewarding Advanced Collectives and Advanced Individuals in 2021", Yan Liqun, Executive Vice President of the Group, announced the "2021 Year-end Evaluation Results".

The heads of each section made a statement and took the lead in taking the oath

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After the signing ceremony of the target agreement, the management of each segment and the person in charge of the business unit will make a statement, summarize the work in 2021 and look forward to the work plan for 2022.

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Group President Xie Yongsheng

Xie Yongsheng, President of Dayu Irrigation?Group Co., Ltd., on behalf of the management of the group company, made a work report on "Strengthening Faith, Bravely Taking on Missions, Concentrating and Developing Together, and Working Hard for the 2022 Goals and Tasks to a New Level" , comprehensively summarized and reviewed various operation and management work in 2021, and made plans for the overall work in 2022.

Mr. Xie pointed out that 2022 is a key year for the country's "14th Five-Year Plan" and Dayu's "6th Five-Year Plan" strategy. We must highlight the key points, grasp the key points, and create the optimal system, the strongest model, and the best in accordance with "opening sources and reducing expenditure, eliminating falsehoods and preserving truth". Niu team, resolutely complete the overall keynote of the annual profit target”, maintain strategic focus, strengthen institutional system construction, optimize market layout, continue to improve project management capabilities, establish a brand image with high-quality projects, and at the same time strengthen team building, pay close attention to Integrity security line. Mr. Xie emphasized that in the new year, I hope that everyone will always be forward thinking, be prepared for danger in times of peace, move forward, maintain strategic determination and patience, and unite the majority of cadres and workers under the strong leadership of the party committee of the group company and the correct decision of the board of directors. Demonstrate new responsibilities, create new performance, achieve new development, and establish a new image through hard work.?

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Group Chairman Wang Haoyu

In his speech, Chairman Wang Haoyu expressed his heartfelt thanks to all Dayu people for their efforts this year on behalf of the board of directors. In the speech "Profit Indicators", it was pointed out that in 2021, in the face of complex and changeable external environment and uncertain factors, the group united and worked hard to overcome difficulties and achieved excellent results. Looking forward to the whole year of 2022, we must focus on a more pragmatic theme: open source and reduce expenditure, eliminate falsehoods and preserve the truth, build the best system, the strongest model, and the best team, and resolutely complete the work of the annual profit target. Driven by the national policy of giving priority to water conservation and rural revitalization, and under the absolute advantage of the company's national regional and entire industrial chain layout, we can face new challenges, move towards a new journey, create a greater cause, and achieve greater grandeur ideal. I hope everyone will be motivated and courageous, give it a try, and rush it! I hope that more people will go hand in hand with the company in this process and share the results of the company's development!?

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Group Party Secretary Wang Chong

At the end of the conference, Wang Chong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Dayu Irrigation?Group, delivered an important speech on "Riding on the Trend, Breaking the Waves, and Promoting the Company's High-Quality Development and Stable and Long-term Development". Secretary Wang Chong put forward three requirements for the New Year's work plan: 1. Review the situation, work hard, and strive to create a new situation in various work. 2. Plan the layout, deeply cultivate the market, and effectively enhance the sense of urgency for development. 3. With the overall situation in mind, foresight, and cohesion to build the company's grand blueprint. Secretary Wang Chong emphasized that the majority of employees should strengthen their confidence, work together, and stand on their own posts. I hope that everyone can continue to maintain the spirit of being able to fight and win the battle, to ensure that all indicators are fully completed in 2022, and to promote the company's development. Take a new level. Finally, I wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year and a happy family.?

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