Accelerate integration and promote high-quality development-Dayu Water Saving and Huitu Technology held an exchange symposium


On October 17, Dayu Water Saving and Huitu Technology held a symposium with the theme of “boosting confidence, accelerating integration, and promoting development”.?Dayu Water Conservation Group Chairman Wang Haoyu, Group President Xie Yongsheng, Dayu Water Conservation Chief Scientist, Dean of Research Institute, Co-Chairman of Huitu Technology Gao Zhanyi, Vice President of Dayu Water Conservation Group, President of Agricultural Water Group, Huitu Technology Founder Cui Jing, Dayu Water Conservation Headquarters and heads of each section attended the meeting. Dayu Huitu Technology Group Chairman Lin Bin, President Zeng Guoxiong, Executive Vice President Liao Huaxuan, and leaders and backbone members of Huitu Technology Group 100 More people attended the meeting.

Before the meeting, the employees of Dayu Huitu Technology Group visited the Dayu Water Saving Company Exhibition Hall, Wuqing Sewage Project Operation and Maintenance Scheduling Center, Agricultural Environmental Investment Laboratory, Research Institute Laboratory, Huitu Technology Exhibition Hall, Smart Ecological Demonstration Park, Intelligent manufacturing workshops, etc., have a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of Dayu's eight major water-saving business segments and the business strategic positioning of "three rural areas, three water networks, and two-handed efforts".


After the visit, the two parties held a symposium on "Accelerating Integration, Boosting Confidence, and Promoting High-Quality Development of the Company". Cui Jing, Vice President of Dayu Water Conservation Group, President of Agricultural Water Group, and founder of Huitu Technology, presided over the meeting. The heads of various branch companies of the Huitu Technology Group said that they have deepened their understanding and understanding of Dayu through the first visit to Dayu's water-saving headquarters, and are full of expectations for further cooperation in the future. They hope that the group will hold more meaningful exchange activities of this kind. , And put forward many valuable suggestions on how to accelerate the integration with Dayu, so as to give full play to the advantages of internal collaboration and linkage, improve the efficiency of business cooperation, and improve the quality of project cooperation. The leaders of Huitu Technology Group gave a speech on how to accelerate the integration of the two parties, so as to boost employee confidence and promote the company's high-quality development.?


At this meeting, the two parties reached an agreement on the concept of "boosting confidence, accelerating integration, and promoting development", which enhanced mutual understanding, mutual respect and trust, and determined the future development direction of Huitu.?Dayu Water Conservation and Huitu Technology are willing to jointly promote integrated development and contribute to the continuous improvement of China's water-saving cause and rural revitalization.

Post time: Oct-26-2021

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